3 Tools Every Small Business Needs

Communication Tools

Everyday work comes with a variety of challenges, whether you work from home or an office. No matter what business you are in, clear communication is key to get things done. Here are some tools that every workplace should consider.

1. Slack – Instant Messaging

Slack is one of the most flexible instant messaging tools in the market. It’s like creating several different rooms for day to day conversations that takes place in any work day. I’ve used it and I’ve seen several companies use it successfully. It not only reduces the amount of emails but can help you organize your tasks individually or for a team

2. Zoom – Meetings

Now everyone knows about Skype and everyone who has used Skype also knows about the quality, or lack thereof. Skype was a wonderful tool a few years ago but then came Zoom.

I’ve used Zoom for meetings and never had any disappointments. It’s easy to use on a daily basis and the smooth screen sharing while showing designs is an added bonus.

3. Asana – Project Management

This is another favorite project management tool which helps teams coordinate project details and share progress. You can create tasks, assign to an individual, share it with the whole team, add attachments, add comments and much more all at the same place.

If you’ve used or planing to use Slack, Asana becomes even more amazing. You can add a task that was being discussed in the IM in Slack directly to Asana so you don’t forget about it as the conversation keeps going — we’ve all been there!

Bonus – Milanote

Creative projects are often complicated and messy. There are lots of moving parts and usually lots of people. Creativity by nature is always a little bit unrestrained and cumbersome. That’s why Milanote is special—It’s the first tool designed to match the way creative projects actually evolve.

Unlike other project management tools, working on a project in Milanote is just like working on a wall in a creative studio. This flexibility means you can arrange your inspiration into a beautiful moodboard, add notes explaining your ideas, get feedback from a client and map out tasks on a project—all in one place.

What Next?

As helpful as these three tools look for internal communication, they are only as effective as your ability to use them well. Ask your team members on what helps them work better and find a way to do things based on collaboration.

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