What are some of the different types of websites?

Types of websites for your business

There are over a billion different websites on the internet. The number keeps going up every single day.

Each website can fit into one or two of these broad categories based on their goal. For example, a website can be informational (blog) and sell products (e-commerce). Here is a list of the top 5 website types, their purpose and the must haves.

1. Personal/Brochure Websites

What is a brochure website? A brochure website is sort of an online version of your business card or a paper brochure with only a few pages.

  • The main use of a brochure website is for small businesses or individuals that need a very simple online presence.
  • For example, a landscape company will need a homepage displaying the contact and service information with a few pictures. Another example would be an online resume website for an individual selling consulting services.
  • The main must haves in a brochure website include a home page, about us, products/services and a contact us page.

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2. E-Commerce

What is an e-commerce website? An e-commerce website sells products or services online.

  • An e-commerce website can either be something as simple as a flower shop online or something as complex as Amazon or eBay.
  • The list for must haves is extensive for an e-commerce shop but some of the essential include guest checkout, detailed products pages, add to cart option, payment method and reviews.

3. Content Websites

What are content websites? Content websites in itself include a lengthy list of subcategories including blogs, educational, news media sites etc.

  • As the word suggests, the content website includes content delivered to an audience on a regular basis, it could be a new blog post every day or a new video every month.
  • In addition to the general rules and conditions, some of the must haves include about page, organized & easy to read layout, social media links, contact page, subscription page, sharing options, search options etc.

4. Corporate or Business

What is a business website? A corporate or business website that represents the company’s brand online in order to establish credibility and way for perspective clients or other businesses to gather information or contact the business.

  • The main purpose of a business website is to convey business information and convince visitors on why they should become the customer.
  • A corporate or business website is the most diverse website type. It can include a variety of pages but some of the must haves include about us, contact us and services/goods.

5. Landing Pages

In simple terms, a landing page is single web page for marketing purposes. You’ve probably come across one of those when you clicked on a Google Ad or something similar.

  • The major goal and purpose of a landing page is to turn the visitor into a lead by capturing their contact information while giving as much information as possible about a specific service or product.
  • Depending on your business strategy and goals, it is possible to have just the landing page as your sole website without another website.

Final Thoughts!

In today’s day and age, it is possible to have a website for just about anything. However, don’t for the cheap DIY websites. Remember: “You do not need a simple & cheap website, you need an effective website!”

We get it! You are not looking to spend a whole lot, so you turn to DIY websites. But there is an alternative.

At Prudent Digital, we can meet you in the middle and offer a solution customized to your need within your budget. Contact us today to get a free quote without any obligation.

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