Custom Website Design

Your website is your first impression in the online competitive marketplace. At Prudent Digital, we focus on creating unique online experiences while keeping it fresh. We ensure that your website aligns with your brand and product. 
We work with different industries and business sizes including small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, legal firms, medical health professionals, contractors, restaurant and much more. 
  • We use the latest technology and trends to build websites that are custom designed that will make you stand out.
  • We make an online presence for you that will become your digital marketing tool for several years
  • We prefer to design custom web designs on platforms that work well with search engines and are easy to maintain for you.
  • We'll also include a training session to teach you on how to edit or delete pictures or update content in the content management system, if applicable.
Custom Website Design

In addition to unique and trendy website design, we make sure that the marketing is done right from the start. Since we are a one stop shop with digital marketing team in house, we can discuss wide range of other services including social media management, search engine optimization, online marketing and email marketing. 

Without any added expense, we make sure to incorporate just the right message and strong call to action buttons throughout the website. We’ll also do some research and brainstorming to make sure and highlight the reasons your product or service is better than your competitor. 

As a web design company, our goal is to create a user friendly website design and a website that will improve your online brand identity.



We work with each client collaboratively. We begin by understanding the scope of the project and why the client is in the market for web design services. Then, we come up with a plan to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the requirements and vision of the project.

Initial Branding

The next step in the website design process includes establishing a good branding guideline. Our experienced web designers create color boards, refine the logo designs and establish a mood and design style for the website. We usually based these after the research of the specific industry and the standard. Client data such as company's mission and vision as well as the target audience information contributes to the website design's initial branding as well.

Website Design Mockups

Once the initial branding and the website design look and style category has been established, we then begin designing the custom mobile friendly website design. We then present mockups to the client to showcase the initial website designs.
After the website design concept has been approved, we then fully complete the custom web design for the entire website. We then use the content supplied by the client, or from our professional copywriter.

Website Development

After the website design has been finalized, we then begin to develop the website. Additional functionality and customizations are implemented at this time. A fully-functional demo is sent to the client for review at the end of this website design process

Staging and Testing

We continue to work with the client closely to make sure the process is done right. We also do extensive testing and editing throughout the process to ensure high quality website design and development.

Final Review and Website Launch

Once the client approved the final website, the website goes live.

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