Frequently Asked Questions

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Every element of your project has a factor in the price and we offer specific products to help keep cost minimal but the price can vary depending on various factors just like when you buy a house or a car. All we can say is it starts at $2000.

To get started, fill out this form and we can give you a price range. If you’re still interested, we’ll go over some more details and come up with a firm quote.

We determine the cost of a site by reviewing the complexity and size of the website, need for marketing support such as SEO, copywriting, social media integration etc.

On average, the design and build process takes 6 – 12 weeks depending on the scope of the project. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know.

Absolutely! We will help you make informed decisions along the way. We can put things in perspective and offer solutions that you may not have considered.

You should be cautious when dealing with a company that can build a website for $500. A $500 website will look and perform like a $500 website and will probably be a template site with possible functionality issues. Read more about this. Free sounds nice but we believe that short term savings aren’t worth the hassle they can cause long term.

A website should represent you and your brand accurately. Your website plays a huge role in your communication and marketing strategy. We design websites while keeping your brand in mind while creating a perfect balance of features and price. We focus on creating long term relationships so that your business can succeed online. Our product always exceeds the quality of agencies charging ten times more than us.

Our focus is working with service oriented business-to-consumer (B2C) small businesses. We also have experience in creating websites within almost every major industry.

Yes, you always have full ownership of your website.

Absolutely! We will constantly ask for feedback and provide updates through check-ins along the process so there are no surprises.

We are located in Chicagoland but we serve anyone in the online business world.

You do not need to have the content prepared to start the project with us. We can use placeholder content while our professional copywriter creates the content for you.

Yes, we can redesign your site while retaining your current brand style or give it a complete new branding. Our redesigns are fresh builds with just the content coming from existing website. We have this policy so we can 100% stand behind everything that we craft.

As many as you’d like. From an SEO perspective, the more the better.

We build and support websites on majority of the widely used platforms. It can either be on a CMS (Content Management System) or a framework. Few examples are WordPress, Shopify, Laravel. 

Responsive web design is an approach to design and develop a website that adapts its layout to fit the size of any device. We provide responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

Yes, graphic design and branding is one of our main expertise. Check out what we do.

Yes! We are proponents of a good landing page.

We offer 2 rounds of revision at each stage of the project.

Yes! We can setup a web tracking software which will track where your visitors are coming from, which pages are being looked at, which search engines are being used and other web tracking facts.

We’ve got this covered so you don’t have to worry about it. All of our client sites are updated and backed up regularly to make sure they are always safe and secure.* 

There are several websites that offer high quality affordable stock images for website design. We recommend and

The project requires a 50% deposit to start. After the design sign off and before we move into development, 25% is due. Once we have completed the scope, the final 25% is collected and your website goes live within 24 hours of receiving the final payment.

For other projects, we require 50% deposit to start and the rest is due upon the completion of project scope.

We accept company checks and all major credit cards – which is handled by Stripe.

Yes. Many companies won’t mention these recurring costs before the project starts. You’ll need a monthly web hosting and an annual domain name registration. We can build a plan for your specific needs that will include hosting, domain name registration and manage the maintenance to keep everything running smooth.

No. We discuss the pricing while finalizing the project proposal.

Click here to get a quote.

Web hosting is a service where websites are stored in order to be accessible through the internet. Every website needs it to be active.

Absolutely. We currently manage the website hosting for the majority of our clients.

Yes! You’ll need to choose the right one and we will do the rest. Our design & development packages include 1 year registration of a .com domain name as well as the domain configuration required to make it work with your website.

No, but there is a really good reason for that. From experience, we can say that the web hosts that bundle email services into web hosting are only giving you a minimal system without any spam control and fraud and virus protection with very limited amount of storage.

We recommend both G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 as they provide top notch service. We can set you up on either of these services with direct billing. 

Yes, all of our websites are designed around Google’s guidelines for organize SEO. We will also create sitemap.xml file and submit it to Google and Bing upon launch if agreed in the project proposal.

If your site is not ranking as well as you’d like in the search engines for certain keywords, contact us and we can share different ways to improve your search engine rankings.

Every website and business is unique with it’s own SEO strategy. A realistic goal will be to have your website show up on the first page of Google for certain keywords.

Yes. We can build a specific plan for your website that will include maintenance on a regular basis.

Yes, we do provide technical support billed hourly. We try our best to respond to emails within 24 hours. In case of an emergency, please contact us.

There are a lot of payment processing gateways that can be integrated with your website to accept credit cards online. Paypal and Stripe are some of the popular options. 

Yes, in fact majority of our clients are in the E-commerce industry. 

That all depends on what kind of E-commerce flow you want to offer your customer and how many products you have. Don’t assume! Take action so we can provide you a quote.