Website Maintenance Services

Leave Website Maintenance to the Experts & Focus on What You Do Best!

We try to make your life easy and take care of support and maintenance. This way, you can continue to do your best and focus on your business while we take care of the online world for you.

  • Personal and local support with a 24 hour response time to all your requests.
  • Weekly database & file backups to keep your content safe, no matter what.
  • Try our pain-free site management plan starting at $80/month.

We take the car to the mechanic, our kids to the pediatrician, and our life’s problems to the shrink (or bartender).  Why should you have to deal with managing your website?

Prudent Digital offers a site management plan that frees you to focus on running your business.

“Consummate professional, profound expert, aggressively seeks solutions. Cut our operating costs to a quarter, fought off pervasive cyber attacks, and taught us a few things along the way.”

Calder Rasmusson

Maintenance, Backups, & Web Traffic Reports

Well built websites run on robust platforms and frameworks that require regular and sometimes critical updates, or they can become vulnerable targets to hackers and other security threats.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Weekly update to content management system (CMS) and plugins
  • Weekly backup of your site content and files
  • Additional updates anytime there is a security alert related to CMS or plugins
  • Monitor security (minimize and prevent hacking) and performance
  • Monthly Analytics report customized for your business (available upon request)

2 Hours per Month Support Services

Administrative Support

  • Update/add/delete content such as graphics, pictures, and text you provide
  • Add/edit/update web forms
  • Train you or your staff to use your website’s admin system

Website Graphic Design Support

  • Create/edit/update banners and graphics
  • Resizing or making minor image touch-ups to load on your  website

Technical Support & Programming

  • Technical support for issues related to your site CMS and plug-ins
  • Install third-party tools or apps that you provide for your site
  • Update code to provide special features and functions on your site

Accrue up to 6 Hours

In the event that you do not use your 2-hours of monthly service, your hours will accrue for up to three months and a maximum of 6 hours. Accrued hours are good for 3-months after the are accrued.

Website Management Plan starting at $80/month. Get a 10% discount when you pay the yearly.

The “Fine Print” – Services outside of the “Site Management Plan Description” document or beyond 2 hours per month will gladly be provided on-demand at our hourly rate of $60/hour. If we see that a task will take more than what you have available, we’ll let you know prior to doing the work. If we don’t notify you ahead of time, it’s free.  Work is billed in 30 minute increments and  unused time does not roll over.  You can cancel services anytime, and your refund will be  calculated based on monthly rate. Don’t see something addressed in this document? Ask us!