Does your existing website represent you or your business accurately?

Does Your Website Design Represent Your Business?

Does your website align with your vision? Or does it look plain, outdated and cluttered? As a small/medium business or an entrepreneur, a website is the first impression for the customers, so if it doesn’t represent your brand, it’s not serving it’s purpose. In addition to that, a plain website is just not enough these days to convert users to customers.

Why do I need to update it?

Similar to a brick and mortar store, websites need regular maintenance and updates. It needs to be rearranged once in a while with the newest designs to showcase the latest products. A website is the primary way that customers contact you or your business which is why the design should represent you accurately. 

Absolute must haves!

There is a lot that goes into the making of a good site (design and development) but here are some of the must haves:

  1. Brand and style – A good website design includes good branding (such as colors and logo) which helps attract customers.
  2. Product/service/offerings – The reason for the website should be visible within the first 5 seconds. 
  3. Clear navigation – Clear directions on what the customer needs to do to get that product or how they can contact you (contact us form).
  4. Responsive website design and development – Half of the users now access websites through their phones, so if your site is not configured for a mobile device (responsiveness), you are potentially losing a huge clientele. 

Next Steps!

Building a clean and modern website is a process. In this day and age where just about anyone can now go online and create one, it is important to hire experts that can separate you and your business from the rest of the competition.

At Prudent Digital, we follow a process that is tailored to each project and will create a site that will resonate with your brand. Our affordable website design, development, digital marketing and consulting services are available to anyone online and the nearby Chicago Suburbs, including Schaumburg, Naperville, St Charles, Elgin, Addison, Oak Brook, Lombard, Wheaton, O’Hare etc. Contact us to get a free quote!

Does Your Website Design Represent Your Business?

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