Understanding the 6 Biggest Mistakes of DIY Websites

DIy Websites gone wrong

Did you recently see an advertisement for a DIY website or are you considering creating one? Don’t they make it look so easy? Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t get tempted:

1. “Personalized” Templates

Those websites use templates to lure you in. They use the term ‘personalize’ even though the exact template is available to the rest of the population.

You can only do so much to not make it look cookie-cutter when you have a limited amount of fonts and colors available to you on each page.

2. Wrong Priority

Just because it looks so easy, you might give yourself a week to finish that website but it will stretch to a month or even longer if you don’t know what you are doing. Instead of going through the effort of figuring out how everything works with a free website builder, you can definitely find better things to do with your time.

If you believe that this should be your priority as a new business owner, you might want to reconsider. As a new owner, you have lots of other things to do that might be more valuable to your business long term. Focusing on this project short term will not help you long term as much as getting a list of clients ready for networking.

3. No Support or Expensive Support

Very few services in this industry are known for their support. When you experience problems (every website does) and you won’t know how to fix it, you will be spending your useful amount trying to Google that answer or spending it on hold.

You might even turn to their “low fee” professional help. Or save yourself the trouble and read some Wix reviews from real users.

4. No SEO = Potential Customers can’t find you!

Search Engine Optimization

You might feel satisfied with what little these sites have to offer for look and feel, but that’s just the starting point. Every website needs SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Most of the DIY website builders use outdated code to build sites with non existing SEO. In short, your website will get lost in the endless online world.

5. How does it look on a mobile device?

Over half of the website users use a mobile device. So having a responsive website is no longer just an option, it’s a must!

In addition to that already extended timeline, add some more weeks to figure out how the website will look on a mobile device or an iPad. Again, is this really the best use of your time?

6. Is it really Free?

Before starting the design of your website, look into the pricing options and see if it is really free for you to create your website. Chances are, it is not.

DIY websites usually own the content, images etc. and will give you trouble when you try to leave them. When you hire a professional, your website is yours at the end. You can take it to whoever and whenever you want and it will still look the same. With the DIY websites, when you stop paying, it’s gone!

BUT aren’t DIY websites cheaper than hiring a professional?

  • No, because you will end up hiring their support in no-time and when you are not satisfied with the support or services or when you realize the limitations, you will need a developer. A developer will not be able to fix anything since DIY websites do not let anyone access the backend. You will eventually have to start over again.

  • Let’s say you’re optimistic and you think it will work for you for the next three-six months. See above point.

Again, just think about it: Is it really worth my time?

What’s the alternative?

First and foremost: the mindset.

“You do not need a simple & cheap website, you need an effective website!”

We get it! You are not looking to spend a whole lot, so you turn to DIY websites. But there is an alternative.

At Prudent Digital, we can meet you in the middle and offer a solution customized to your need within your budget. Contact us today to get a free quote without any obligation.

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